Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eco-Holiday Gift Giving

-- Eco-Holiday Gift Giving --

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing tips on how to green your holiday season this year. Earlier this week I shared some eco-friendly craft and gift ideas that your family or any adult or youth group could participate in.

Over the next week I'll be sharing suggested holiday gift giving items that can save the recipient time and money while allowing them to make a lasting difference on the planet - What could be better than celebrating Green on such a holiday as this?

* Gift certificates are an exceptional gift option due to the lack of wrapping, time and energy involved, but also because the purchase of these certificates helps keep the local economy strong. Consider the following outlets when looking for gift certificates this year: wine or beer making shop, a new or used bookstore, music lessons, restaurant, recreation centers often offer gift certificates to their programs and courses, exercise/dance/craft classes... some colleges also offer gift certificates that the recipient can put towards any course they want to take. These are just a few suggested outlets to consider in your region, however do ask around to see what other shops may offer these certificates - you may be surprised to find that pet shops, hair salons, music teachers and many others offer these great gift options.

* Another excellent option to consider are memberships with organizations or groups; such as: golf, gym, spa, massage therapy, craft groups, and environmental groups.

* Alternatively consider purchasing services for the recipient such as 2 weeks of dog walking, babysitting, cloth diaper cleaning services, housecleaning, carpet cleaning or lawn care services.

* Baskets of healthy food and snack items are a wonderful gift to share with others. You can consider supporting local growers by selecting choice jams and goodies made by locals. Alternatively, select preserves from your own pantry shelves that you have created yourself. This is especially useful for gardeners who are often dehydrating and canning excess garden harvests.

* Light up the gift recipients life with energy-efficient LED or CFL light bulbs. Yellow CFL’s are exceptional for exterior lighting, because the color reduces the number of bugs around entrances or seating areas.

* Slippers, sweatshirts, fleece clothing and sweaters are great gift ideas; the recipient is less likely to turn up thermostat.

-- Conscious Celebrations --

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women - which is followed by Thanksgiving (USA) on the 26th of November. This is a perfect time to express your gratitude in life by sharing your extra items, time or donations with women and peace initiatives in your region. Consider the Women's Transition House in your community, missions for the underprivileged and other wonderful organizations in your region.

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