Thursday, November 26, 2009

More Eco-Friendly Gift & Event Ideas to Consider

-- Quote of the Day --

…There are so many ways to go green, one of the tenancies for going green is reusing and for the holidays there are so many ways to reuse whether its decor or cloth wrapping – we don’t feel it is boring to reuse – we call it ‘tradition’. …One of the most beloved piece of décor was kind of like an advent calendar, but was a cloth and felt calendar that my mom made with 25 pockets. And behind each pocket she put in little activities that the family would do together each day leading up to the holidays. Whether it was baking gingerbread cookies or going ice skating – it now hangs on my wall and I bet my girls would say it is their favorite thing about the holidays.”

~ Corey Colwell-Lipson Oct 15, 2009

The quote today originates from the Greening Holidays & Events interview that aired on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show back on Oct 15th, 2009. Check out the archived interview by clicking on the hyperlinks here or look to the right to find other recently aired episodes of the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show.

-- Eco-Holiday Gift-Giving --

As promised Dave and I are offering eco-friendly, conscious living gift options for you to consider over the holidays - you can make a difference by your shopping habits, but the person who receives the gift continues to reap benefits by saving time or money, or by reducing their impact on the planet.

Consider the following:

- Family recipe book with elderly or long-distant family members contributing favorite recipies. Consider including small poems and photographs of the family making the recipes, being in the kitchen or even of family outings & pets.

- Give or purchase a living tree (it removes carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, ozone and nitrogen oxides). A living Xmas tree can be donated to individuals, the city, schools or parks when the season is over. Alternatively, plant it in your own yard for privacy, shade or erosion control. *Norwegien Pine plants resemble tiny trees but are actually living houseplants.

- Toys and games with few plastic parts and offer positive education values. Favored items, for instance, might emphasize cooperation, exploration or creative thinking.

- For the new homeowner: a perfect gift here would be a eco-home kit package that you put together for them. Items to consider for this are a thermostat control that automatically turns the heat down at night, tubes of caulking or weather stripping, hot water tank and hot water pipe insulation kits and door cozies (usually placed against the bottom of entrance door areas to seal out drafts).

- Help your loved ones save water and energy costs with a low flow shower head attachment, timers for exterior taps, soaker hoses for landscaping irrigation, or a rain barrel.

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