Monday, November 30, 2009

Positive Impact This Season with Conscious Gifts

-- Conscious Holdiay Tips & Ideas --

As promised, I'll continue to offer wonderful eco-conscious gift and celebration options for you to consider over the holidays - and for any upcoming holdiay season, be it a birthday or an office celebration. I'll probably continue this until mid/late-december, so keep dropping by for fun craft and other tips!

- As I mentioned before houseplants make wonderful gifts, but this holiday let's purchase a living, potted Christmas tree (it removes carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, ozone and nitrogen oxides). A living Xmas tree can be donated to individuals, the city, schools or parks when the season is over. Alternatively, plant it in your own yard for privacy, shade or erosion control.

- Dehydrated, canned or preserved foods - especially those you have grown - make excellent gifts. Alternatively look for locally produced jams and preserves. Frozen homemade meals are treasured gifts for time-suppressed or physically limited individuals.

- Brazil or cashew nuts are a wonderful, healthy gift option since they promote a living tropical forest, increasing its value while supporting local peoples and preventing the clearing of rainforests for soybean and cattle production.

- Books; i.e. Trash Talk which teaches how to save money by looking at waste as a resource – by Dave and Lillian Brummet.

-- New Prize Draw Contest! Enter Today! --

New prize draw (Dec 1-20th) is for the following:

Cathy Nesbitt is offering a copy of her DVD "Squirm"
a stainless steel water bottle (

-- Nora Weston has offered a copy of: Paranormal Pleasures Digest (

-- Lillian Brummet's poetry e-book: Towards Understanding (

To enter the draw all you need to do is:

Email me at: ldbrummet @ yahoo . com (**remove spaces before sending**) with the word "prize" in the subject line. Deadline: Dec 20th @ noon (pacific).

-- Previous Prize Draw Winners --

Congratulations to Lizanne E. Judy K. & Ruth M. who won a copy of Backyard Bones by Nancy Jarvis along with the "Mysterious Chocolate Chip Cookie" recipe; Susan Finelli's novel Behind the Shadows -&- Lillian Brummet's e-book - Towards Understanding

-- Authors Read Radio --

Today's Authors Read radio show featured a long-time online colleage of ours Thomas Riddell - Tom presents a very intenst topic - overcomig chronic depression - in Pieces Of My Path. We made today's show extra special and extended it by about 10 minutes in order to do this special episode for your. I hope you enjoy the show! Check it out by clicking on the hyper-links above or look to your right on this website to find links to recently aired Authors Read episodes.

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