Sunday, December 6, 2009

Conscious Holidays

-- Chatter --

Wow, I had an amazing time last night speaking with November on the Voice of the People Radio Show - she's a really talented host and I had such a wonderful experience. I just finished listening to the archive which you can find at:

Today I am to finish the last of my xmas baking... WHEW! One more big batch of goodies and that is it for the season. We had to break out the snow-shovels this morning as we had about 2 1/2 inches of snow fall overnight. I know, that isn't much of anything to speak of, but we celebrate just the same! I love the snow, winter is a wonderful time for reflection, reading, cuddling, training the dogs, writing, marketing and studying. It is also a great time to get those projects around the interior of our homes completed from organizing and donations to cleaning and craft projects. We'll be talking more about some great ways to beat the winter-blues after the xmas season, so stay tuned to our blog :)

-- National Bereavement Day --

Today, Dec 6, is the National Bereavement Day here in Canada and this is when organizations like Compassionate Friends, churches and family support organizations gather forces and share skills so that we can all provide a better support system for those who have lost a loved one.

Just the other day we had featured a discussion on Trading Sorrow for Something Greater on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show. And coming up in a few days on the 17th we have a discussion on Pet Loss, Grief & Growth. We also have another related upcoming show on Green Funeral options will air on Jan 7, which is not yet registered on with the station.

Here are a few other archived shows you may want to check out: *just click on the titles to access the archived show:

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-- Conscious Holiday Tips --

Green, conscious gift ideas can be as simple as considering those that encourage activities such as renting bikes for an outing or giving dance and music lesson gift certificates. These gifts support your local community by encouraging sustainable service-oriented businesses that do not create much waste. A gift within this genre is really a gift of an experience, rather than a tangible item that may never be appreciated. In addition, a gift certificate is usually printed on recyclable paper; whereas gift cards consume plastics that are not readily recyclable.

Wrapping paper options include scarf, towel, or a reusable gift bag, cloth bag or gift box. Choose non-reflective wrapping paper, since this type is not recyclable. Unwrap gifts carefully so that the paper and decorations can be reused.

A great way to reuse wrapping paper and paperboard boxes is to create beautiful, and reusable, gift bags and gift boxes. The term "paperboard boxes" refers to cereal, cracker or pasta boxes and the like. To make seasonal gift bags, simply using a cereal box as a template, wrap paper around it as you would a package, leaving the top open. For a strong top edge, fold the top over about an inch and glue in place. Punch two holes at the top of the sides for the string handles. Leave the box in if you would like a stronger bag. This craft reuse idea can apply to any paperboard box.

Paperboard boxes are a fantastic material for creating gift boxes of any size to suit any occasion. Simply design the box according to the dimensions that you require – all you need is a little know-how, a ruler, pencil and a sharp craft knife or scissors and some glue. Once the box is constructed and the glue has cured, take a little craft sponge (a little sponge on a stick) and pour some glue into a recycled lid from one of old mayonnaise jars or something like that. Then, using the sponge, spread glue evenly on one side at a time - covering it with sheets of reused wrapping paper, comic strips or art that you or your children have created… – or new wrapping paper if you must. Do only one side at a time or you will find yourself having some potential issues with this.

Decorate with a little ribbon, tiny pine-cones, glitter, bows or whatever you wish, and you have just created a reusable gift box for the recipient to pass along to someone else whenever they are handing out presents. If you’ve been saving all your bits and pieces – decorations & wrapping paper - from gifts you’ve received in the past, they will come in handy now. Reusing that shiny foil wrapping paper you’ve been saving works best for this – especially since it is not recyclable. Scraps of wrapping paper work well for these crafts too, so don’t throw away those little 4-inch bits of wrapping paper anymore!

These boxes can be used as decorations in your home of office, or you can make very small boxes as tree ornaments using the very same applications as we described above, but on a miniature scale.

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