Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Conscious Holidays

-- Quote of the Day --

I believe the greatest gift you can give to your family – whether it’s your family at home or your work family – is your time. Not just to have the time, but “real “time. What I mean is that you’ve got to be present and in the moment… one of the definitions of “being” is “conscious existence”. We need to be consciously awake, alive and present when we are spending time with our loved ones

~ Randy Cohen’s book: Ticket to the Limit

-- Conscious Celebrations --

Candle Night Summer & Winter Solstices 2009
Turn off the lights, take it slow.
December 22, 2009


Today, the 22nd of December, is officially the – First Day of Winter with Christmas Eve just 2 days from now... how time flies.

Dave and I wish you all a Warm & Relaxing Holiday Season!

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

Conscious Discussions Talk Radio welcomes return guest Cathy Nesbitt to discover the fascinating role that worms play in managing organic wastes and in creating healthy soil. Some of our listeners may recall that on the 28th of in august back in 2007, Cathy joined us to give an introduction to vermiculture: Wiggly Worms Eat Our Waste. Cathy is very active in her passion and is a member of numerous organizations, has an informative newsletter and website, offers speaking and lecture appearances and she has won a number of environmental awards. Today we delve farther into the discussion of Vermiculture.

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