Sunday, January 31, 2010

the art of business

-- Quote of the Day --

“…When you are passionate and really love what you do you can really transform your life and radiate this energy to others. …Now, is a great time to try to go after your dreams. …We do a lot of give-aways and really neat things for a variety of groups, but one of the tricks to our success (is doing things like) renting a little sedan to take a customer to an event that was a chance of a lifetime for her. …Think of how that made me feel – there is just no better feeling. …you don’t think that the word trickles down to your employees when you do something like this? And then they start to do this with their clients. …Those little things make the biggest difference in the world in growing your business from nothing to amazing. …I joined Entrepreneur’s Organization; we would literally get around a table and each month a person would be in charge of talking about their company and we would be able to make suggestions and learn from them. That was very helpful in being able to transform me and grow my business.

~ Nov 3, ’09 – Randy Cohen

Today's quote was excerpted from the Seeing the Amazing in Everything episode of the Conscious Discussions talk radio show - which aired back on November 3rd, 2009. Check out the archived interview by selecting the hyper-linked show title (above).

-- Chatter --

Well I've just finished posting the MySpace Blog, which offers our readers a "week at a glance" into our scheduled appearances, interviews, guests on our radio shows and more. We also list our events a "month at a glance" through BookTour. Click on the hyperlinks here to see these sites.

People have been so very kind during the last 6 weeks while we have dealt with long-distance care-giving issues and then the subsequent loss of my terminally ill parents. Eight family members came out to our hometown to spend more time with us and to go through family photos, etc for a few days - and then all the appointments, traveling to surrounding communities and official paperwork fell into our laps. Whew!

After all this we spent a couple of weeks playing "catch-up" with house and office work and are only now starting to feel like we are getting back on our feet. Unfortunately the lease is also due on our car soon so we were busily dealing with this for a few days. Our favorite place to go is AM Ford in Trail where we have always experienced exceptional and personal service. These guys really do go the extra mile for their customers, and we've been with them for years.

In the meantime I've been invited to appear on several radio shows in the upcoming months and have been making arrangements for those. Our e-book series project for Trash Talk was delayed due to all the personal issues we are currently facing. However we are just around the corner from releasing the first book in this series - do keep an eye out for announcements on this. We will also be offering affiliate opportunities for our 3 books in the upcoming months. If you are interested in this, simply email us via our site:

The Brummet's Muse Newsletter will be going out later today as well. I'm heading over to the site in a few minutes to get the newsletter out to you all later today. If you are not already subscribed to the newsletter, sign up via the widget on this blog, or on our site:

Please do feel free to spread the word about our blogs, newsletters, books, radio shows and free resources that we offer on our site... or recommend our work to your friends on social networking sites.

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