Friday, February 12, 2010

Eco-friendly bio-plastics & safe Internet Use

-- Quote of the Day --

“Small business owners, professionals and really everyone – need to remember is that 67% of people are searched online. …What happens is that the person viewing the comments online are not going to decipher whether the comment is fact or fiction, they will just move on to someone else. …The importance of your virtual presence is so critical today. …People can be stalked online and it can be truly scary and is becoming more prevalent online.”

~ Dec 10, ’09 – Sue Scheff

Today's quote originates from a Conscious Discussions talk radio show interview with Sue Scheff that aired in December 2009 - titled: Internet - A Dangerous Asset

-- Bio-Plastic ?? --

While the term "bio-plastic" might seem new to many of us, they have been in use for many years but have not been able to supply a "highly advanced flame retardant" product for electronics, vehicle and other high-energy applications - until now.

A new flame-retardant bioplastic
(polylactic acid composite) has been released by NEC Corp. and Kao Corp. - which they call: Nucycle. According to the news release we received, Nucycle is "composed of more than 75 percent plant-based material ...emits only half the carbon dioxide during its life cycle ...achieved high flame retardancy".

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