Saturday, February 20, 2010

Green Resources & Healing Pain

-- Quote of the Day --

“…The way I define sorrow is that it is pain that you carry around with you, that you feel alone in. …It is understandable that you’d want to stuff the pain away and never feel it again – but folks can trade that sorrow, they don’t have to carry it around with them. …People need to take an honest look at themselves and their patterns of thinking… look at those times when they react to something that is out of proportion - those are usually clues to what is deep inside of you. …You also need the deep desire to rid yourself of the pain that you carry. If you don’t have that deep desire, you are going to run from the pain as fast as you can. I used to refer to it as the core that I was afraid to touch because I felt that if I opened it up everything would pour out and I would never be able to stop. …Keep moving through the pain – it will lessen and you will get through to the other side. …And celebrate; celebrate that you are on the journey, that you have made the commitment, that you want to know and love yourself, and that the answer is inside of yourself.

~ Dec 3, ’09 - Cynthia Primm

Today's quote of the day was excerpted from the Trading Sorrow for Something Greater interview on the Conscious Discussions talk radio show - which aired back in Dec 2009. Check out this archived interview by clicking on the hyper-linked show title... or look to the right side of this site for recently aired Conscious Discussions radio show episodes.

-- Recommended Resources -- - a commercial and institutional general "green" contractor for mechanical contracting, commissioning, estimating, project management, education and training. - affordable, eco-friendly products from a wide range of different non-recyclable waste materials.

-- Authors Read Radio --

Today's featured guest is: Lori Titus - Managing Editor for Flashes in the Dark, and Short Story Editor for Sonar4 E-zine. Lori Titus has a collection of short stories called Green Water Lullaby, with 5 of her best short stories within the horror genre, which she will be sharing with us today on Authors Read Radio show check it out by clicking on the hyper-links above, or look to the right for links to recently aired episodes.

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