Monday, March 22, 2010

Celebrating Proactive Actions & Poetry

-- Quote of the Day --

"Failure is not falling down,
It is remaining where you have fallen."

~ Author Unknown

-- Recommended Resources --

The Canadian Environmental Network facilitates cooperation and networking among non-profit, non-governmental environmental organizations internationally:

Eco-Equity focuses on developing and promoting climate solutions:

-- World Water Day, today! April 22nd --

Check out the many interviews with water experts on Conscious Discussions archived episodes:

-- Businesses Creating Sustainable Communities --

We love to celebrate businesses that take on initiatives to make their service or product a more environmentally friendly one. Just recently I stumbled on an article that spoke of 39 local businesses and organizations that were recognized this year with awards from Fortis-BC for their leadership in completing energy efficiency projects. In total, their efforts will result in an energy savings of over 100,000 kilowatts per year. Seven of these businesses saved enough to power 430 Canadian homes annually.

-- Authors Read --

Award-winning poet David Moolten has appeared in numerous anthologies, journals and reviews and his literary recognition continues in influential literature circles. David is also a physician specializing in transfusion medicine, and in spite of the intense demands of that occupation, has pursued poetry with at least as much vigor. David has penned 3 published books to date - which we will be featuring here on the Authors Read radio show - Today David will be sharing an excerpt from Especially Then.

Check out today's episode (live at 9AM Pacific) by clicking on the show title above or look to the right for links to recently aired episodes on the Authors Read radio show.

Find Dave & Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio shows & free resources & articles at

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