Monday, March 15, 2010

Green Kids & Glass Recycling

-- Quote of the Day --

Children are bombarded by movies and television about the terrible stresses on the world. They hear that the polar bears are disappearing or the ice shelf is melting… and there is a lot of fear around sustainability. It is really important that children feel empowered, rather than threatened. We need to help them realize that change can happen, that they can do it on their level, with their resources. …The earth is healthy in many ways and can be healthier and we can all be a part of that, no matter how young we are.”

~ Therese Tappouni

Today's quote was excerpted from the Teaching Green to Children interview that aired on Conscious Discussions talk radio show on Feb 9, 2010

-- Authors Read Radio --

Today I read an excerpt from Trash Talk, our book on saving time and money through looking at "waste" as a "resource". In this section, I read from pages 48-49 from the chapter: Glass. Click on the show title: Glass - to access today's episode.

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