Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Impacts of Choices

-- Quote of the Day --

“The impact of suicide is that people are haunted by the question of Why. Even though you can say there is a big connection to mental illness, addictions, depression and hopelessness leading to suicide. Still survivors are left wondering “what if…” There are a whole host of questions that can preoccupy the survivors. In the case of adults, usually the intense anguish gets better after a 2 year period. However there can be physical symptoms, where you can have trouble sleeping or concentrating, a feeling numb, a sense of wondering about the meaning of your own life - and it is so incredibly important to be gentle with yourself and to reach out for help from others. …Often when you say someone committed suicide, people will migrate to how or why it happened – but what can be very helpful is to ask the grieving individual to tell you about the person and have them come alive across time and not have the event being the definition of who that person was. …We all have our own ways of coping; we need to honor each person’s method of managing overwhelming feelings… give each person room to sort through the many feelings and emotions they may have.”
~ Feb 2nd – Nancy Rappaport

Today's quote originates from a Conscious Discussions interview that aired on Feb 2nd, 2010. Check out the archived Surviving Suicide interview at your convenience by clicking on the links above.

-- New Writer-Related Interview --

I have had such a wonderful experience with this blog (below), where the owner created a three-part interview with me. The third, and final, installment went up on her blog today! I just read it and I am so excited... What do you think of it???

I loved it, I hope you do too. It was longer than I thought... we were able to cover a lot of ground in this interview including how our third book was written, the research process, some of the harder things we have done as writers, childhood memories, and then we talked about some of the other things we do - like hosting the two radio programs, and so on.

Please check the interview out and let me know what you thought ( leave a comment on this blog, or on Lisa's blog...)

Can you tell I'm excited???? lol

-- Eco-Business Initiatives --

I tend to celebrate when I learn of conscious, eco-business initiatives that happen regularly around us.

Just recently Sanyo Electric Co. announced that it would start full operation of a project - the Smart Energy System. This system combines the company's technologies for energy creation (photovoltaic system), energy storage (rechargeable battery), and energy saving
(commercial equipment, etc.), with the aim of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and lowering the operating costs of facilities such as factories, schools, and stores.

Another interesting finding for me was when I went to purchase a couple of new Nyla bones for our dogs at the pet store…on the back of the packaging, which was recyclable – I spotted a small logo stating that part of the power used in the production of that product was supplied by solar energy.

Initiatives like these are very encouraging to see – so many companies are getting used to the idea that we, as consumers, care about these things. And THAT is something to celebrate :)

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