Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Alternative Transportation & Interviews

-- Interesting Eco-Interview --

The Greenhouse Neutral Foundation (based in Australia) sent me a link for an interview they did with Joanne Luke - host of the Healthy Planet Healthy People Show. In this interview they talked about the seemingly unending consumption in a finite world of resources.
Location: http://bit.ly/bgxVNc

-- Bike Sharing --

*Source: www.japanfs.org

Japan's first full-scale bicycle-sharing service, billed as a novel eco-friendly form of public transportation, is set to start on March 20, 2010, in downtown Toyama City – operated by Cyclocity, Inc. While bike-sharing services are becoming more common in major cities in Europe and the U.S., Toyama will be the first to introduce such a full-scale system in Japan.

A total of 150 bicycles will be installed at 15 self-service stations in the central part of the city. Pre-registration is required to use the service, and registered users can pick up and return bicycles at any time at any rental station.

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

March 2nd: Today's Conscious Discussions Radio episode, Inner Growth, features Jeff Brown as our guest of the day. A former lawyer, turned author - we are focusing on finding peace, passion and comfort in this life through understanding ourselves and growing as individuals.

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