Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Relationship with the World

-- Quote of the Day --

…You’ve got to take care of yourself. There is a lot of talk about boundaries and I’m not a big fan of that word because I believe that if we are taking care of ourselves we don’t need these boundaries. We don’t have this impenetrable border going up, but we are really protected – and we are making decisions that are more uplifting for ourselves and other people. …we can take a breath and stop the resistance to who they are or what they are doing. If we are not strong enough we don’t have to put ourselves in harms way.

~ Feb 18th – Sarah Anma

This quote originated from an archived interview with Sarah, that aired on Feb 18, 2010. Check i out by following the hyperlinked show title - Art of Relationships

-- Clean the World --

By joining Clean the World organization’s Hospitality Recycling Program spas, hotels and resorts can now recycle unused portions of personal products like soap and shampoo – these products are sterilized and redistributed to the individuals in need around the globe.

This seemingly small action has incredible impact on the planet – consider the fact that in 2009 alone the organization was able to distribute over 230 tons of hygiene products to countries worldwide. Clean the World is based in Orlando, Florida (USA): http://cleantheworld.org

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