Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tired Tires

-- Tired Tires???---

Apologies to all our readers - I've just been so inundated with to-do's that this blog was neglected for a few days. I am sooooo tired today... may even lie down for a while. :)

According to the Recycling Product News ( article titled Green is for Retreads:

“Retreaded tires are one of the most environmentally friendly of all recycled products. They contain one of the highest post consumer contents, since the actual tire itself is being recycled. In fact, according to Harvey Brodskey, managing director of the California-based Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB), retreading was "green" before the word was ever used for recycling, and the retread industry has been green for nearly 100 years!

When a tire is retreaded, the worn tire – with the exception of a very small amount of old tread that is removed – is reused in the retread process. And even the small amount of old tread that is removed (referred to as buffings) is recycled and can be used on playgrounds, highways, rubber mats and a myriad of other products. Additionally, every time a tire is retreaded there is one less tire to go to our already overcrowded landfills.The oil savings with retreads is also very significant since tires are basically petrochemical products. It takes approximately 22 gallons of oil to manufacture one average size truck tire. Since most of that oil is found in the tire casing, which is re-used in the retreading process, only about 7 gallons of oil are needed to retread that same tire. A fleet using as few as 100 tires a year can help save 1,500 gallons of oil annually.”

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