Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today's Happenings...

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

Today on Conscious Discussions we are speaking about everyday pets becoming volunteers and therapists for humans - Barbara Techel, our guest of the day, is the award-winning author of the Frankie children’s book series based on a real-life story of the author's dog who had a spinal injury. This courageous little dog of hers ended up enabling the author to encourage children to be the best they can be while learning that no matter what life challenges we face, we can still give back to the world. Today we will talk all about this, and Barbara’s experiences in working with Frankie as a volunteer therapy team at hospitals, nursing homes, hospice centers and the occasional visit to children’s classrooms as well. Drop in to hear this fascinating interview on Animal Therapists by clicking on the hyperlinks here - or look to the right for recently aired episodes.

-- Conscious Living Event --

March 10-12: Waste & Recycling Expo
Location: CIEC World Trade Center, Mexico City (Mexico)
Info: www.wasterecyclingmexico.com

-- Chatter --

Whew! Today will prove to be another day on the run - keeping busy is better than being idle, I suppose. :) I'm busily putting together my gardening plan for this season, figuring out which vegetable should go where, and so forth. Once this is completed I can go through my seeds and get started. I know - I'm a little behind and will have to purchase some transplants this year, but it's been one of those years where things kept happening to set us behind. Well, today is the day. I do look forward to it.

-- Authors Read Radio --

Yesterday on Authors Read Radio show we featured Heather Kuel who dropped in to read from her horror-fantasy story: Promises to Keep. Check it out by clicking on the hyperlinks above... or look to the right for recently aired episodes.

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