Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Should Living For You Be The Hardest Thing in Life?

-- Quote of the Day --

  "Risk!  Care no more for the opinions of others.  Do the hardest thing on earth for you.  Act for yourself." 

~ Katherine Mansfield

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

World of Writing segments air regularly on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show, since literacy plays such a huge role in a conscious world. Today we will learn how to write an effective query and an attention-getting book proposal, with author Jonathan Maxwell. His first book, Murderous Intellectuals: German Elites and the Nazi SS, was released in November 2009. Since its release, it has garnered much critical acclaim. The book explores why so many well-educated professionals joined the Nazi SS, the notorious group that spearheaded the Holocaust. You can hear a little excerpt of this book on Authors Read radio (blogtalkradio.com/authorsread) April 2nd episode. 

Access the discussion via the links above - Live show airs at 10 AM (pacific), and a live chat room will be available.

*World of writing segments have been listed in the comments section for today’s episode for our listener’s convenience. 

-- What is a Chat Room? --

I am glad you asked! A chat room can be a great place for people to connect, to network, and to learn about interesting topics from experts in the industry. One of the benefits of a chat room is that everyone participating can ask a question or make a comment - which means that you have access to a lot of expertise, views and new thoughts about that topic. 

So how it usually works is this: You would go to the site, choose a user name to sign in and then you would start to chat with others. You don't have to participate, lots of people go to chat rooms just to learn from the conversations going on. Some chat rooms will allow you to visit as a "guest", which means you don't have to sign in to view the chat room however you cannot participate in the conversation without signing in first. 

For my online radio show, I open my switchboard where I control the chat room and can moderate the users. This means I have the ability to kick someone out of the chat if they become obnoxious or something. Some hosts of online radio shows don't use the chat option, others will use it but are too busy to moderate it or watch what is going on, others will participate full time in their chat rooms... it will depend on the host. 

For my purposes I use the chat room on my radio show as a place where listeners can post comments, questions and suggestions - and I interact with them both during and after the live broadcast. The listeners gain access to the chat room by clicking on a little green box that says chat room. If you don't see it when listening to a live show, make your window bigger and scroll around until you do. Listeners can chat via their keyboard by registering (signing in) at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/register.aspx After accessing this, you can type in your thoughts and see what others are saying as well. 

Find Dave and Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio shows and free resources and more at: www.brummet.ca

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