Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moving to the Positive

-- Quote of the Day --

"Any fool can make things bigger,
More complex, and more violent.
It takes a touch of genius,
And a lot of courage
To move in the opposite direction."

~ Albert Einstein

Moving to the positive, that is where I am aiming to go today. I have found that when I really pay attention, and watch what is going on, it is amazing how many negative thoughts come into the mind. It is so easy to fall into the trap of negativity, and it takes more effort to be positive sometimes - yet life is so much more enjoyable. I find myself regularly refocusing my thoughts and restarting my "computer" so that I can stay with this positive program. My energy reserve often runs low, and refilling with nature or playing with the dogs, or in the dirt (gardening)... or both - helps me fill that tank back up. Sometimes, when a new obstacle arises I find I am tired just by the thought of taking on something else. And yet when I am in a positive frame of mind, the idea of another challenge is exciting to me because I get to learn something new. So today, I am in the "restarting my computer" mode - getting back to that refreshing, positive program.

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --
Today on the Conscious Discussions radio show we will have a very important discussion that can help children deal with bullies and special needs by increasing self-esteem. We will also learn about using animals as therapists – Author Claudia Broome uses her handicapped dog (Rugby) to help in many of the events she participates in. Her work is all about overcoming adversity, acceptance and tolerance... Click on the show title  - Put an End to Bullying - or look to the sidebars on this blog to access the live, or archived broadcast.   

-- Buy Poetry For Your Significant Other Month --

As promised, this blog will be celebrating Buy Poetry For Your Significant Other Month (July) by sharing poetry from published writers. Submission guidelines can be found on the July 3rd posting on this blog. (scroll down to find previous posts). Today is the final installment for July's poetry celebrations on our blog - I've had a wonderful time featuring numerous poets and sharing my own poetry as well.  

Our featured guest is: Mary Muhammad, who describes herself as "a mother, sister, aunt and friend". She is the book review manager for Poetic Monthly Magazine and published her first book, Echoes of an Era, in 2007. Her first young adult novel was nominated for the 2009 Cybils Award and her latest book, Journeys of a Soul, is now available as well. Check out Mary's blog at: http://mhammads.blogspot.com and her site at: www.marsbookplace.com

Love Understanding
Although she embarks

On this village of no love

And joins with him

From the life of old
She’s still in awe of

The words spoken

From his fingers
Sounding sirens

As if stroking the

Paths of her life

Once was and now
Visions of love nearly


From days gone by
Still a seedling of hope

Lingers in a distance
Her heart trembles

From thoughts

Of its rebirth
Yet needing to flourish

Under sun rays

And showers of

Rains joy
She’s left in doubt
 So many obstacles

 Pulling her

 From trusted love
 Yet yearning the hand

 Of love



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