Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gardens, Birdsong & Vending Machines

-- Sunday Gardening --

Yes, we're featuring another Sunday Gardening segment today on Conscious Discussions radio - today I'll be discussing common harvests this time of year and what to do with them. Save some energy and time this year with some of our simple tips. Learn more about succession crops, and join us too in the chat room to ask your questions. Send me an email this morning with your garden questions and I'll address them in today's show. (via "contact" button on our site:

Airs live at 10 AM (Pacific) on the Conscious Discussions radio show - Click on the hyper-link here, or look to the sidebars on this blog for links to recently aired episodes.

-- Positive Eco-News --

The coca-cola company is apparently experimenting with numerous plastic beverage container alternatives from designing a bottle that is thin but strong (reducing plastic) to looking at “developing plant-derived bottles that are 100 % recyclable and  are currently experimenting with inedible parts of plants such as wheat  plant stems, scrap wood, and corn leaves and stalks."

Vending machines also will become more efficient from vacuum insulation panels and LED lighting to the use of a special earth friendly heat pump – they are expected to become 40% more efficient in the near future as well. Solar panels are also being experimented with for the vending machines. 

One interesting aspect of vending machines is that some of them are being used to collect wildlife data – such as the ecological survey of the Okinawa Rail bird in Japan where the birdsong data collected from digital voice recorders installed on the vendor machines is used in studies.

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