Monday, August 9, 2010

Literacy & Recommended Resources

-- Literacy in Uruguay --

I heard on CBC radio recently of the efforts for literacy and education going on in Uruguay  – the government has arranged to give every school age person a laptop computer. Starting with Elementary classes, they are now ready to distribute to teenagers. The result has already caused a ripple effect in the country with previously illiterate parents starting to show interest in computers, adults who have the children look up recipes or sources for self-help tools. It is really an amazing move by the country that should be applauded across the planet.

-- Recommended Resources -- - Our oceans are filling up with plastic: plastic that harms wildlife and never biodegrades; plastic that enters the food chain and leaches toxic chemicals. This blog is a record of one person's journey to live with as little unnecessary plastic as possible

- to help each man achieve his goal of a being powerful human beings

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