Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Climate Change & Resources

 -- Quote of the Day --

I believe in taking full responsibility for my life on this planet. I don’t differentiate between work and play – I cannot do things that feel wrong to me and on the other hand I cannot do things that feel right all day long either. Whether that involves picking up garbage, volunteering… I believe that   we as a species are evolving to a point where taking responsibility for our surroundings, the planet and each other is becoming an essential way of being. …Life is full of paradoxes… there is so much more to this life, it is so much more complicated than this physical form, and when we realize that it is tremendously inspiring.”

~ Mikaya Heart -July 25 2010 

This quote today was taken from a Conscious Discussions talk radio show interview that aired back on July 25, 2010 titled: Proactive Conscious Living - check out the archived interview at your convenience by clicking on the show title above, or visit the links for recently aired episodes via the sidebars on this blog.

-- Brummets in the Media --

Hi everyone! I'm very happy to announce that I've just been interviewed on the Immortal Desires blog: - - with DJ Ashton. She asks me many thought provoking questions about the environment and what one person can do. Drop by the interview via the link above when you have the time to check it out :)

-- Lillian's Referral Corner --

Here are today's recommended resources: - consisting of a diverse global array of individuals who campaign for clean energy solutions. They have engaged a panel of scientists and economists to help create the guide, they call 1Sky Solutions. Check out their site and see how you can get involved too.

 It's getting Hot in Here - is a youth movement on global health. According to the site it was "originally created by youth leaders to allow youth to report from the International Climate Negotiations in Montreal in 2005, It’s Getting Hot in Here has since grown into a global online community with over 300 writers from countries around the world."

Find Dave and Lillian Brummet, excerpts from their books, information about their radio program, newsletter, blogs, and more at: * Support the Brummets by telling your friends, or purchasing a book - each book sold raises funds for charity as well!

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