Saturday, September 18, 2010

Conscious Living Events

 -- Quote of the Day --

"Writing is a great comfort to people like me,
Who are unsure of themselves,
And have trouble expressing themselves properly."

~ Agatha Christi

-- Conscious Living Events --

September is Be Kind to Editors & Writers Month ! Gotta love that! :) There are many things we can do at anytime during the month of September to honor this event. We can send an e-card or kind email expressing our gratitude for networking with others in the industry, pointing out what we appreciate about each individual we are writing to. One thing that I do often is after reading an article, poem or something written that I really enjoyed - I'll follow up on that writer's website, contact them if I can and let them know what I enjoyed about their piece. Writers love hearing from readers, even if you challenge something they've spoken about, or offer corrections, or just communicate with them about the topic - it helps them feel appreciated, respected and like they matter - which they do. The arts, including writing, have had profound impact on the growth of society - one reader at a time. 

Happy Rosh Hashanah Day and Yom Kippur Day, to our Jewish readers :). 

Coming up from the 19-25th of Sept we will be celebrating National Forest Week... this year's theme is "Branching Out". This fun play on words means that this year's theme will concentrate on diversity - diversity of forests, products, conservation projects and so on. Apparently this awareness holiday started way back in 1920 - as Forest Fire Prevention Week - and eventually evolved into what it is now. offers the following advice for helping to celebrate National Forest Week

- arrange a tree planting:
- take a walk in woods nearby and get to know your forest
- care for a newly planted or neglected tree, and study its species
- identify all the things at home or school that are made of wood
- learn about organizations that demonstrate sustainable forest management
- tour a forest sector industry or processing site
- learn about the prevention of forest fires
- contact a provincial forestry association for teaching materials 


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