Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fall Gardening & Tardiness

-- Conscious Discussions Radio --

The last Sunday Gardening segment of the year airs today... these particular segments of the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show have been airing every 2 or 3 weeks, on Sundays, since May 2008; they run between April and September. Today I'll be highlighting things that happened this year, offering eco-tips you might want to consider, harvests that are going on in my garden and things that should be started for your cold frames and green house crops. If you have questions or new techniques you've learned or comments, you are welcome to join the live chat room - or call in to the show during the live broadcast. Alternatively gardeners can contact me via my site:; their questions will be shared during the next episode as well. 

As always, Conscious Discussions airs at 10-11 AM (Pacific), a live chat room will be available - and the shows are also archived within 15 min after each episode airs. 

-- Be Late For Something --

Interestingly, today is Be Late For Something Day - a surprising title for an awareness holiday. Having known very little about this, I did some research online this morning to find that this holiday is so popular that one can find all kinds of ecards to send  your friends and colleagues. The Procrastinators Club of America, from what I could see, founded and continues to sponsor this holiday, embracing the idea of relaxing about schedules and commitments.

While generally speaking being late is really not a good thing. It is inconsiderate to others, who have very full schedules and might have had something else that they would have preferred to do instead of waiting. It gives the impression that your time is way more important than anything else.  It can also lead to costly traffic accidents, speeding tickets, rash behavior, errors and injuries. 

At the same time, we are all so busy being busy that we need, absolutely NEED, to have a day where we can be a bit foolish and have some fun. Let us not forget that in the case of birthdays, or other important holidays, it is better to be late than to not acknowledge them at all.

Some habitually late people may be receiving lighthearted emails and ecards celebrating this day, or perhaps giving them gentle reminders of upcoming events and obligations they've agreed to. Others may find it useful as a lighthearted distraction from their tardiness - "Oh, I'm allowed to be late today." One thing I did notice in my research was that there is a big response from organizations dealing with stress and conflict resolution that are offering ways of defeating habitual lateness. I am glad to have spent some time on this today - Who would have thought so much could be happening on Be Late For Something Day!

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