Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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Most of you know we love to celebrate other authors & poets here on this blog when we can, and today we are featuring:
Susan Bandura Wrona lives in beautiful Southern Oregon. By day, she is a nurse psychotherapist/ nurse practitioner with a focus on listening well. It is in this wonderful realm of listening ~ whether it is to others, to herself, to the words that flow when enrapt by nature or in listening to what arises in amazement with life's journey that Susan dwells. 

Susan has been writing poetry since childhood. Although her poetry has been given as gifts or hung on walls in her parents' home, this is her first book that is a set of reflections on nature and on the mysteries of walking this earth as a human being. Radiant Cup collects and presents the finest of Susan Wrona’s nature oriented and mystical poetry. Written within the experience of a dark night of the soul journey, her poems reflect that process which is at once mysterious, painful and sublime. The poems evoke such imagery as to place the reader in the poet’s sphere of perception. Find Susan at:

Heceta Lighthouse

Lost in a storm
who would not
feel their heart
to see the bright staccato
reaching across
the darkness
both to warn and to beckon?

It is the sentinel
of your returning
this house whose
only desire
is illumination.

And what will it be
for you
dear wanderer?
When and how
will you come home?

And what is it
that will call you
out of the long night -
your fear
or the invitation?

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