Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Writing and Youth

-- Quote of the Day --

“Therefore we give voice to [young] people who, for the most part have never been listened to… In fact we are all just like the other and if not for some quirks in our DNA or our history we would be the ones behind bars, we would be the substance abusers, the ones abused. This has been the pinnacle of my career and I was fortunate to be apart of this – it is hard to describe how fortunate I was. …So we stress …that we are listening to them as if their voices matter – because they do.  …We want to hear how you ended up there and how we can make the world a better place. …It is their world; we have an obligation to leave it a better shape than we found it so that they have a chance.” 

~ Guy McPherson, Sept 12
Today's quote came from the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio interview titled: Sustainable Living & Volunteering with Youth – which aired back on Sept 12th, 2010.  Click on the hyper-linked show title to access this interview, or look to the side bars on this blog for recently aired episodes. 


-- Chatter --

Wow! Where has the time gone this morning? I'm in the middle of dealing with numerous emails and look up at the clock only to find that it is nearly 10 AM... So, I'm a little late this morning on this blog. I usually try to be here between 7-9 AM (pacific). Apologies for that :)

So today is a quiet day for me, in that there are no appointments or interviews or anything like that scheduled. I do have two articles to finish by the weekend and an interview opportunity to followup on. After dealing with the mountain of emails, my plans are to work on one of the upcoming Conscious Discussions Talk Radio interviews, record some quotes for future use on this blog and then... I'm off to work on the 2nd book in the Trash Talk - It's Easy To Be Green e-book series. Luckily the dogs seem content to sleep the morning away, so it looks like I'll have some time to do some writing for change... appropriate - wouldn't you say? - due to November being Novel Writing Month! :)

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