Friday, December 24, 2010

Acts of Kindness

Dave and I wish all of our readers a warm,

relaxing and fulfilling holiday season :)

-- Quote of the Day -- 

There have been some interesting studies of the act of giving… and how it is tremendously healthy for the giver, as well as the recipient. …Volunteering is sometimes more personal than just writing a check, however both are good for the soul. …you get more out of life by giving than you ever could by receiving – giving in a meaningful way to organizations you believe in is a great way to really feel and see what it is you are getting involved in. …It gets people out and builds communities. These days with the ability to connect to the world can cause a separation from the community - so volunteering is a way to balance a person’s life. …It is you that has to do it; each of us have to make the time to get involved in the community.” 

Land Conservancy of BC – Bill Turner – Oct 19

  Check out this interesting interview with the director of the Land Conservancy Organization of BC via the hyper-linked show title :)

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