Thursday, December 23, 2010

Attract a Publisher or Editior's Attention

 -- Quote of the Day --

You may little suspect the fullness of someone’s character just from reviewing your memories. Your fathers character, say, goes on unfolding and you go on learning about him, from him. He returns to mind in flashbacks and reveries. As you age, and you become more like him, he often feels nearer. A glimpse in the mirror, a dish in the restaurant, a joke in an old movie and traits of his light up never having been noticed before. Under scrutiny, the images reveal more and more …teaching still."

~ James Hillman

Today's quote was chosen for all of our readers today who are experience memories, and loss, during the holiday season. Loved ones are especially missed during these holidays... even if we never celebrated the season with them. It is the frame of mind this holiday season puts us in, I think. We just feel closer to, and want to connect with people we are close to. Both my mother's birthday and the anniversary of her suicide is here - in just a few days she will have been gone a full year... She passed on the 27th. So this is a particularly emotional time for us. Missing others from my step-father to Dave's mother to our many friends and other family members, and beloved pets who have passed on over the last 9 years. Yet we recall each of them fondly, remembering their personalities, smiles... laughter... and coming to terms with issues from the past. 

Since this is the frame of mind that I am in today, I wanted to express it to our readers in hopes that it brings some comfort and connection to your holiday season. Earlier this week we had a guest post on grief over the holidays... this might help you as well. And you might want to check out the many interviews we've had with experts in communication, forgiveness, dealing with in-laws, greening the holidays and more - via the archives on the: Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show.

-- Interview --

Please check out this fun and interesting discussion:
Linda Clarke interviews Lillian to learn about what a writer needs to do to attract the attention of potential publishers, some insights that will help you understand what a publisher/editor's world is like and more @: ...where it is scheduled to be featured December 23, 2010 - Jan 4, 2011.

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