Friday, December 3, 2010

Communication & Green Schools

-- Quote of the Day --

In life we tend to hear of or read of other people’s successes, not their struggles. So in listening and understanding their struggles, I believe that we can create a dialogue, and have insight into others. …What I’m seeing in society is that we are all being guided by what we see or hear on television. …The art of discussion is becoming a lost art. …A group of people having an insightful conversation can bring about a lot of answers to a lot of questions.

~ Klarque Garrison

 Today's quote came from the Surviving Today’s Busy-ness interview that aired on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show back on Oct 12. Check out the archived interview via the hyper-linked title, or visit for a full list of Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show archives.  

-- Green Schools --

Results from a first-of-its kind school waste composition study provide valuable insight on the best targets for reducing waste and improving recycling programs in schools.

Significant findings from the report include:

•    Nearly 80 percent of all the waste generated by a school could be recycled or composted.

•    More than 60 percent of what is currently discarded as trash could be recycled or composted.

•    Food waste and recyclable paper are two prominent materials thrown away by schools that could be recycled.

The full report, titled Digging Deep Through School Trash, can be found at

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