Monday, January 31, 2011

battery recycling

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The past may rob the present of much joy and much mystery.

~ unknown

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Our colleague Mr. Tim Corrimal has a wonderful radio show called Progressive Political Radio - which he co-hosts with Dave Von Ebers. This radio show "combines a humor with dead serious, inanity with politics" ...sprinkled with bits of breaking news topics. Tim invited me to join in for the first 10 min or so of his show. Check out these links to find the interview: Episode 153 :

 -- Referral Corner --

Call2Recycle, North America’s only free battery and cell phone collection program, announced in December, its heightened commitment to diverting batteries from Canada’s landfills… has collected rechargeable batteries throughout the country since 1997. Earlier this year, Call2Recycle also began collecting all household batteries, including alkaline, at thousands of collection sites throughout British Columbia and Ontario.   

Since 1994, Call2Recycle has diverted more than 27 million kilograms of batteries from local landfills and established a network of 30,000 recycling drop-off locations. Advancing green business practices and environmental sustainability, Call2Recycle is Canada’s most active voice promoting eco-safe reclamation and recycling of batteries and cell phones. Call2Recycle is operated by the non-profit RBRCC. Learn more at or 877.2.RECYCLE. 

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  1. Having this kind of business is a great thing. People will no longer have to worry on where to dispose of their used batteries because there are some companies who have been providing this kind of service.


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