Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Greening Schools & Volunteering

--  Quote of the Day --

“[volunteerism with family] – It was our youngest son who went with us, who was 14. …I think to take a child [of this age] to an area [like Rwandan] offered lots of opportunities; it literally changed his perception of the world. He just got so taken in by all these other kids. All they had was… just their clothing (donated) and hardly any books, …only two meals a day – of usually the same stuff.  …And the average person there lives on one dollar a day, or less. …but this changed his perception – he’s realized how fortunate he is, how much stuff he has that isn’t needed at all in order to be happy. He saw these kids who wanted more than anything else to learn, …and that’s the thing that had the biggest impact on him, and I noticed a change for him when it comes to school, too.” 

~ Gabriel Constans

Today's quote originated from the Nov 2 Conscious Discussions broadcast titled: Rwandan Orphan's Project  ...Check it out via the hyper-linked title here.

 -- Chatter --

This morning I asked Dave what I should blog about and he said "the wonders of home carpet cleaning"! lol... I guess I've had my fill of that lately, since the dogs have taken turns at having upset stomaches the last two days. ...They got into the compost, and had to pay for that I guess. So it's been a wonderful last couple of days... ah the joys of hauling out our little machine a few times a day! :) 

-- Positive Eco-News --
There was a study done recently that reveals some interesting findings about our North American schools and how we can improve the recycling systems they have in place. 

•    Nearly 80 percent of all the waste generated by a school could be recycled or composted.

•    More than 60 percent of what is currently discarded as trash could be recycled or composted.

•    Food waste and recyclable paper are two prominent materials thrown away by schools that could be recycled.

The full report, titled Digging Deep Through School Trash, can be found at


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