Sunday, January 23, 2011


-- Quote of the Day --

re: You have the choice:

"Refuse to engage in, accept, or allow into your personal life,
Attitudes and behaviors that do not promote 
Overall health, wellness and growth. 
You have a choice."

~ Danielle Pierre

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

Today is another Positive Eco-News segment on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show, and our focus will be plastics. Ever wonder what those numbers mean in those little recycling triangles... you'll find out today. How about what happens to the plastics once it hits the recycling system... Find that out too :)  Airs live today at 10-11 AM (pacific), and as always a chat room will be open for our live listeners. Of course you can always check out the archive at your convenience if you miss the live episode. Check out today's Positive Eco-News segment via the hyper-linked title here or look to the side-bars on this blog for recently aired radio show episodes.

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