Friday, January 28, 2011

Understanding the Human Condition

 -- Quote of the Day --

I think that words have always helped me nail down the significance of an experience that I was living. I feel that words help you understand what you are, who you are, what you have lived through, what your relationships are with others … because words are concepts. And these concepts refer to elements of your experience that you are trying to structure into some kind of meaningful coherent pattern. …And so I have always used words to help me to understand myself… and I have loved literature because literature offers you a particular authors view of a human experience… so that you can see it much more sharply than you can when you are living in a particular time. …You live the experience and when you write about it you stand aside so that you can assess it much more clearly. Literature helps me understand the human condition.”

~ Leonard Rosmarin

Today's quote originates from the World of Writing interview that aired on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show back on Nov 23, 2010. Check out the archived discussion via the hyper-linked show title (above).

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