Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alternative Insulation & Nanotechnology

-- Quote of the Day --

"If you want to live life to the fullest, care for your thoughts as you would your most prized possessions work hard to remove all inner turbulence. 
The rewards will be abundant."  

~ Robin Sharma

-- Chatter --

Well, I am back in the office after taking a full day out of it... actually shut the office door and did not enter the room. Whew! Not so easy to do, you know, with the office right there in the home like that. It felt wonderful to have the day off with my husband, though he had to spend most of the day catching up on our income tax preparations for '10. This time of year is kind of a crunch for most business owners, even really small guys like us, and it can be difficult to take time away. Yet one must take time to refresh their thoughts, realign the posture by getting away from the desk, and disappear for a while in a puzzle book or a great gardening book - even just for a couple hours. 

Sadly, while Feb has been incredibly productive, there are dozens of things left in limbo for one reason or another and our list of to-do's had more things added on it than were scratched off. I was feeling torn between being grateful and feeling inadequate and impotent with so much left undone.  Yesterday was scheduled in as a Day Off, and while I didn't announce it (like I usually do) to let people know, I clutched at it, embraced it, and blanketed myself in it. And while I couldn't take 3 days off in a row, as I do every month, I was able to take a day here and a day there. Anyway - back  in the office today (obviously), with a fresh look at the world in here.

We have a lot going on this week with discussions on foster care, youth, writing and recycling news via the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show. I have a blog guest coming on later this week and will appear on two different radio shows to discuss our work and passions, and insiders tips re: querying a radio host to appear on their show. So lots going on... keep watching this blog for the announcements and links :)

-- Referral Corner --

Check out these amazing links to a variety of insulation barrier protections, including an ceramic coating with a 19R rating, and some applications of this for homes...

This company is an award winning innovator of sustainablility via nanotechnology, increasing a home or building's efficiency by 20% simply by painting this stuff on. 

These guys offer a broad line of advanced technology coatings and products, including multi-ceramic, high technology coatings that insulate, protect, and preserve a variety of surfaces.

Another eco-company that offers a liquid ceramic insulation coating that can be used in just about any industrial situation for long term insulation needs.

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