Saturday, February 12, 2011

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-- Positive Eco-News --

Several Japanese cities (including Toda & Warabi & Saitama Prefecture) started an innovative project that encourages composting by having local residents bring in their kitchen waste using a designated bucket. The staff then use this material to contribute in their composting efforts - and the final product (humus) is used to produce about 80,000 flower seedlings per year. The residents then come back to pick up their allotted number of free flowers (based on their kitchen waste contributions).

This is a fantastic way to divert organics from the landfill, while creating jobs and encouraging gardening  in the city. Greening the city is a big part of being sustainable, and this includes providing foods for the traveling wildlife (birds, pollinators and other beneficial insects). Outdoor gardening can be done in containers virtually anywhere there is room for a potted plant. this could be located beside a gate, or on a patio, window sill, balcony, roof top... or grown up a wall as well.

-- Referral Corner -- - offers an interesting concept of zero waste, by looking at sewage as a soure of H2 gas. This type of gas, from what I understand, can be used in combination with other fuels such as natural gas and propane - offers a deep understanding of the science of soil, nutrients, compost, biology and organisms that live in the soil... and so on. I've bookmarked their site so that I can go back and read some of the great information there. Gardeners - you don't want to miss out on this one.

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