Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Loving Life ?

-- Quote of the Day --

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.

~ Marcus Aurelius

-- Loving & Dancing in Life --

Today's special featured guest of the day is Cindy Tuttle - one poet who refills her pen with her heart and lets that flow onto paper. She says "I have a joy of life that I want to share", and tries to offer hope and encouragement in her work. Her degree in Human Service and her term on the Mental Health Advisory Board has certainly played a role in the work she produces today. Find Cindy @:

Joining the Dance of Life!

I feel joy around me
Calling me into the dance
Circling, twirling, laughing

Flowers lend their colorful voice
The birds join in brightly
The sun adds the sound of trumpets

The trees add there sturdy bass
Dancing with nature and love
Come join in the dance!


Many kinds of love exist:
A child’s love for parents,
Love deep within the soul,
The love of a woman for a man,
The love of nature and its glory,
The love of a parent for their child,
The love only a
Grandparent can give
The love of music and dance.

Look at the flowers in spring
proclaiming to the world
“Love is being born every day!"

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