Monday, March 28, 2011

Climate Efforts, Retro-fit Eco-tips for Homes & Offices

-- Quote of the Day --

 "It is not the mountain that we conquer,
But ourselves."

~ Edmund Hillary 

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Many of our readers are familiar with this section of the blog, this is where I pass on some resources that I feel would appeal to you and help you in your pursuit of a conscious, proactive lifestyle. Please do visit these sites that are listed in the Referral Corner section of the blog... and drop them a note of support, letting them know you heard of them through this blog. 
Today I'd like to highlight three organizations that work for better climate management strategies:

Union of Concerned Scientists: This is considered the leading non-profit science-based group of citizens and scientists working together for climate and environmental solutions.

Pew Climate Center: This organization believes in working together to engage business leaders, policy makers and key decision makers to advance meaningful, cost-effective climate policy and action plans.

Western Climate Initiative: A collaboration of independent jurisdictions working together to identify, evaluate, and implement policies to tackle climate change at a regional level. This is a comprehensive effort to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, spur investment in clean-energy technologies that create green jobs and reduce dependence on imported oil.

- Eco-retrofit Home or Office: - 

As we learned yesterday on the radio show, there are a myriad of things we could or should do – but the point is to just start somewhere, and celebrate that. 

Sometimes it is such a small thing that we dismiss how important it can be – For instance installing just 6 Energy Efficient CFL’s in high-use areas around the office or home can bring in a savings of $35 annually …even more savings can be had from the LED light bulbs.
Here are a few others that we often dismiss, but can have a huge impact in the end:

- Replace all washers on hoses, and taps around the property annually

- Save up to 30% energy with Energy Star TV upgrades

- Save up to 75 dollars annually by upgrading the fridge with an energy efficient model

- Install and use dimmer switches and occupancy sensors to reduce lighting costs

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