Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nature, Green Design & Emotional Balance

-- Quote of the Day --

Emotional balance means you will no longer project your feelings onto another. ‘You make me upset because…’ ‘You hurt me when you act like that’, ‘You are making me angry each time you…’. Instead,  you will be able to speak from a place of balance: ‘I fear that if you say that, it means…’, ‘I feel anger, when you say…’, ‘I feel tense and irritated when…’. The lesson here is that you can never blame someone else for how you feel! How you feel is your choice, even if you don’t experience it as a choice.” 

~ Roy Martina (excerpted from the book: Emotional Balance)

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

Air time: 10-11 AM  Pacific, *Chat room will be open for live listeners.

Topic: Sweetbriar Nature Center & Green Design, *Click this hyper-link to access this discussion

Guest: Maureen Calamia - a published author, avid volunteer with a nature center, and founder of Luminous Spaces, a Feng Shui consulting firm (Saint James, New York). From simple recommendations, to renovation and building projects, Maureen works with her clients to create spaces that promote physical and psychological health. She uses concepts of environmental psychology and biophilia in her designs to inspire balance and joy by re-establishing a connection to the nature. She also teaches at the Metropolitan Institute of Design and is an energetic workshop leader. Join us live, or access the archive, via the link above.

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