Friday, March 18, 2011

Taking Some Time

 -- chatter --

Today is the 2nd of  the 3 days I am supposed to take off from the home office - something I do every single month - my one weekend away... lol

However, I find myself here in the office this morning, with a list of to-do's that nag at my mind. Ah, the difficulties of having a home office... it never, ever goes away.

While I'm out of the office over the next 2 days (painting the upstairs bedrooms instead) I hope that you'll scroll through the archived posts here on this blog, and look through the links on the sidebars for all kinds of interesting information, tips, resources... I'll open the doors to the office again on Sunday morning, and hosting a Sunday Gardening segment on the radio show. :)

-- Brummet's in the Media --

Literary R&R blog will be publishing one of our articles titled: Just Write - on Saturday this week -  Blog owner: Mandy Shemery 

* This might be a bi-weekly article spot there, so leave your comments if you want to see more of these types of articles on this blog.

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