Monday, March 7, 2011

Young Writers

-- World of Writing Interview --

Today's special guest is 12-year-old author Paris Morris - Special thanks to her dad, Dave Morris who works in New Year Publishing, a small company who has published Paris's 3 children's books about her experience with the birth of her twins. Also a special shout out to their publicist, Cristina Deptula, for sending their info our way. Find out more about Paris at:

You are still pretty young, but do you  have plans for what you hope to do when you grow up

When I wrote the first books I wanted to be a dancer becasue dancing way a major part of my life and I was on Dance team for 4 years. Now that I am a teenager I want to be a make-up artist becasue at the moment I am obsessed with make-up I have always be interested in being a photographer because I love pretending to be a model with my friend and taking pictures.

What do you think makes a good story work? 

I think that anything that has heart and you are passionate about. I really love my twin sisters which is why I chose to write about them. You really need to be an expert in what you are writing about because it is better to have too much information for the reader rather than too little.

What makes you write in certain genres? 

When I first talked to my dad about writing a book he told me that I had to do two things. Write about things I know about and make sure there is a market for the books I want to write. I starting writing about my twin sisters becasue that's what I am an expert on and i know that there are lots of families having twins.

Do you insert your own characteristics in your writing? 

Since the books are about me I guess you can say that I insert my own characteristics. My Friend Paris is actually a bit more chatty and social than I am in real life.

What are your favorite publicity activities? 

The release parties are always fun because my friends come and eat donuts and soda. Other than that I don't do too much except for talking to reporters that want to write stories about me and Liberty. I was interviewed by a producer from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno right at the time the Conan thing was going on but I never actually got to meet him.

Who are your favorite authors/poets? 

Danica McKellar is actually my favorite author; she has written several books on Math and they are really good at helping me with my homework. I kind of look like her as well.
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