Sunday, April 17, 2011

Of Carpets and Gardens

-- Positive Eco-News --

I learned from the Recycling Product e-news bulletin that each year 6 billion pounds of carpet waste is sent to landfills across North America.   If properly recycled, carpet can be reused into composite lumber, roofing shingles, automotive parts, railroad ties and stepping stones. New carpet, even carpet remnants can be donated to numerous organizations such as Habitat to Humanity, or a local reuse center in your area. Chevrolet offered some ideas such as using carpet pieces to line garage walls, preventing car doors from getting scratched. The same idea can be applied to muffle the sound from washers and dryers. Some innovative people have used carpet remnants to protect tires from the sun and to insulate a compost pile. Some other ideas to consider might be to use pieces in entrance and carport or work area (i.e. by a work bench).  Stop weeds in garden paths and keep your feet clean by laying the carpet upside down in the pathway. Another option is to use a piece to line the trunk of the car, tool box and storage bins.  2E Reclamation Solutions - serving Canada - - suggests that when purchasing new carpet to ask if it has recycled content in it. Their site tells us that this is very important since recycling 420 lbs of carpet saves the equivalent of 1 barrel of oil in energy. 

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

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