Saturday, April 9, 2011

Of Fire and Writing

 -- Quote of the Day --

Emails became like little telephone conversations, which did little to promote the English language …the construction of a sentence started to degrade. …if telephone calls remove the proper sentence from our lives, texting has removed the words with a series of little initials. …I think that every technology should be welcomed and cherished as an advancement in communication – but on the other hand the English language should not be like the 8-track that went obsolete. …It must withstand the more instant forms of communication. …In the avid pursuit of technological sophistication, don’t let the English language become a casualty.

~ Gordon Osmond 

Today's quote originates from the World of Writing with Gordon Osmond episode that aired back on March 1 via the Conscious Discussions talk radio show. *Click on the episode title to access the interview, or the show title to access the radio show's home page.

-- Conscious Living Events -- 

April 9 & 10
Sustainable food expo offering workshops, displays, food samples, and discussions on how to live and eat more sustainably in your daily life including: The Farm Bill, DIY fermenting and canning, turning your lawn into a vegetable garden, identifying edible native plants, migrant farm workers’ rights, and sustainable food production/distribution. 
Location: University Ave at Fairmount, City Heights - San Diego, CA (US)

April 9
Organic Magic with Worms presentation @ Wye Marsh Wildlife Center
Location: Midland, ON (Canada)

April 9 
Eco-festival... check out the vendors
Location: Whitby, ON (Canada)

-- Outdoor Activities --

I'd like to carry on the discussion that I started yesterday on conscious use of the earth when enjoying the wilderness and parks this year. ..

One of the things we can do is simply refrain from having a fire. Camp fires are not always necessary - and if it is the ambiance you are looking for, try putting a couple large candles in the fire pit instead. I've also seen candle lanterns on the market with little mini glass walls to protect it from the wind - these can be hung, or set upon a sturdy flat surface. Alternatively reuse a large metal coffee can, drill a few small holes in the side, decorate the outside of the can if you like, and place a candle in the center. The light will come out of the top and out the holes in the side, and the candle will be protected from the wind.

Many of us will light a fire simply to keep warm - or to keep the bugs at bay - and there are a number of things we can do to minimize the impact here.

If you do decide to have a fire, please make sure that you clear the area where the fire will be and build a fire ring. Preferably you’d be using an old fire ring –rather than building a new one. Regardless make sure there are no overhanging branches, no loose sticks and pine cones around the fire ring for at least 6 feet out or more. This is really easy to do because as the fire is starting you can wander around the site and pick up the loose sticks and cones, etc, and toss them into the fire ring. This way, any sparks carried by a gust of wind will just die out since there is nothing to burn nearby.

Try to bring your own wood – or get some from a friend who works in construction or has done a home renovation project. Dry tree trimmings from your yard are fine, too. Try bringing some dried herb branches or sticks trimmings from the garden with you - like lemon balm or sage - which will help deter insects. Have a container of water handy and don’t ever leave the fire unattended. When finished, pour water over the fire ring, even if the fire’s been out for a long time, before leaving the area and heading out.

If you must gather wood from the area try to leave stuff that is rotting or has life on it – such as moss – so that we do as little damage to the eco-system as possible. Choose dry stuff that would likely catch on fire easily if there was a fire in the area – thus you can help with fire prevention by removing some of the fodder.

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