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World of Writing, interview

-- World of Writing Interview --

A note of appreciation to Carol Denbow of A Book Inside:  - who sent today’s guest our way – Bob Lynch and his wife sadly lost their son to gang violence 5 years ago. He and his wife started a non-profit foundation in the aftermath - the Daniel Robert Lynch Art Education and Scholarship Program. Bob's debut book is about their son and the journey to creating the foundation. Learn more about the foundation, the book, and today’s featured guest via:

Q: What was your path to publication? 

A: I was very green at publishing a book. I'm still green, but now have a much better understanding about publishing a book than at first. My first concern was what is involved in publishing a book. I researched many, many publishers. The one common theme was how easy it is and an how much money you'll make.

Q: What is your writer philosophy? 

A: I'm not really calling myself a writer. My general philosophy, which I've learned through my life, is to not be so worried about mistakes your children make. Try to put them in perspective and note there seriousness. The quote I love the best is something like: “Pay attention to every mistake other people make, because you won't have time to make them all yourself. By T. Roosevelt. I wish more parents could realize this.

Q: What is your advise you'd give to someone who is interested in your topic?

A: My topic is about my son's death and his journey toward obtaining his degree and the roadblocks he faced along the way. My advice to someone interested in writing about this topic would be to sit down and do a real rough draft, then review it and do better draft. Next, have someone you know really well read it and make suggestions. Something as personal as this subject requires a lot of thought.

Q: What kind of benefits come from participating in groups/organizations?

A: This is something I know about because I've had much experience in groups/organizations. First, participate in an organization that you are passionate about. The benefits come from what all the members do to help make your organization a success. You can get so much accomplished with a group of people all striving to meet a common goal.

Q: What are your thoughts on the publishing industry?

A: It was so much larger than I ever imagined. It parallels many other industries. You must do your homework and if you've never published before try to contact one of the publisher's clients to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. Beware of the pitch of the “sales” representatives. They are sales people and most tell you what you want to hear. If anyone wants to talk with me about the details of my experience, they are welcome to do so.

Q: What is the important role writers play in today’s world?

A: If we didn't have books, our society would be very boring. It's like my son's quote about art: “My inspiration is ART....Because without art we would just be stuck with reality”, that also applies to books. What a sad world it would be without books!

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