Monday, May 16, 2011

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 -- Quote of the Day --

"I tell my students to remember this simple acronym: STAR -  Situation Task Action Result  – so when someone asks you a question in an interview you need to describe the situation, the task at hand, what you did and the result of the implementation of your efforts. And you do this in 2 minutes. …Online resumes are OK, but it is better to fine tune the resume for the job you are applying for.”
~ Artie Lynnworth

Today's quote originates from the interview that aired on March 31st titled: Successful Interviews & Applications

 -- Brummets in the Media --

Just a quick note here to let you know that our page on the Destinie Radio Network is now updated...

  -- Referral Corner --

As many of our readers are already aware, this is the section of the blog where we offer recommended resources for you to check out when you have time:

Canadian Association for Renewable Energies: working to research, promote, and advance the adoption of renewable energies.

EcoEquity - a small, activist think tank on the international climate justice debate, focused on developing and promoting climate solutions that are just enough to actually work.

Feasta - aims to identify the characteristics of a truly sustainable society, articulate how the necessary transition can be effected and promote the implementation of the measures required for this purpose. 

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