Sunday, May 29, 2011


 -- Quote of the Day --

…It turns out that builders have amazing items – really neat, one of a kind items. And a lot of times it would go to the landfill or it would get stored in the ‘boneyard’ where they store things they just don’t want to throw out. And for do-it-your-self-ers, they end up storing it in the garage or somewhere. … Businesses too often have excess… and so we’ve got it now with a geo-platform so that when you come online it figures out where you are and suggests items that are closest to you. …Bricks, flooring… Virtually every tile installation job has a box or more of left over tiles, paint that was over-ordered… I’ve seen some amazing decorating items and a really cool bathtub. Sometimes, what might seem like scrap, like 2X4 ends, a very crafty person can do a smaller project with it.

~ Matt Knox

Today's quote originates from the April 5th segment of the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show titled: Reuse for Construction & Home Improvement

-- Chatter --

Unexpected family members are visiting from out-of-town, and so we are changing up the schedule today to allow some time with them. Therefore I will be unable to present the Positive Eco-news segment as expected - I've rescheduled it for the 31st however (which was to be my day off) so it really is only a small delay. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Scroll down to find a contest going on this week, and do check out the links here on the blog that offer all kinds of helpful information on living a consciously.
Have a great Sunday everyone! :)

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