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Splash Into Summer - hop give away contest!

-- Splash into Summer Give-Away Hop --

We are participating in the Splash Into Summer Give-Away Hop hosted by and - where hundreds of bloggers are offering prizes starting today, May 25 - and going to May 31st.

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 For this contest we will be offering a draw for a copy of my e-book: Towards Understanding.

Towards Understanding - a collection of 125 non-fiction poems written in chronological order. It is a true story of a young pre-teen female growing up on her own, struggling to survive, breaking the chains of inner angst and finally growing towards understanding of her value and purpose in life. Beginning with her childhood trauma and leading into her journey of finding healing and self worth, the author takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions through verse. Lillian Brummet writes with words as an artist paints with colors and explores various poem-structures - uncommon amongst modern poets. 

Want to try for a copy? Just leave a comment here on this blog - or if you find that you aren't able to do that,  you can visit our site and click on the contact button there to enter that way. 


Lillian Brummet’s award winning poetry has appeared in five hardcover anthology books and several newsletters and magazines throughout North America. She has had the honor of attaining Editor's Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry, not once – but twice.  An accomplished free-lance writer and book reviewer, Lillian has also co-authored an environmental text, Trash Talk and Purple Snowflake Marketing, a guide for authors looking to create an effective, frugal marketing plan for their work.

A Few of My Personal Favorite Selections from Towards Understanding :


Vocabulary on a wheel…
Mumbled words spat out in a spiel,
Yet very rarely are they real.
Understated… over-mused…
Is it comprehension – or compromise?
Better hope they’re big enough in size!
So often stated,
That they are underrated…
And so, false meanings are created
Try to sound sincere,
Yet holding back words in fear,
From being too often jeered.
So many sums lead to so many substances.
Hard to force yourself to take the chances,
And all hell breaks loose if there’s wrong glances.
Despite it all the truth is not truly heard,
Because of the wrong combination of words…
An ironic wheel of confusion is needlessly churned


The girl in white lace and shiny gray stockings,
Attacks every man with her nightmarish taunting.
Her beauty is rare, her movements are sure.
Her casual flirting leaves minds in a blur.
Women both hate her and dote on her too.
They wish they could be that woman anew.
But they're only themselves - though jealous they be;
Thinking from women like that, no man would flee.
But she's covered in make-up and shading and light.
And she'll take many photos until she gets it just right.
These women wish with all of their foolish might,
That they forget who their man's with tonight.
As they wrack themselves over this orchestrated myth,
They enlarge the distance from the one they're with.


We'll dig ourselves some grit,
And with our cardboard spoons,
And with our stiffened hands,
We'll work to find a spec of gold.
Never forgetting what's bought and sold,
Ever neglecting those we've worked to hold,
Forcing us on, the longing taking us there.
It's always lurking and beyond our control.
The pan grows rusty and holes appear,
Where the stones wore their way clear,
A pan, once new - once brought dreams,
Today - brings little more than despair.
Wondering where the paths we seek,
Could have hidden from our blistered feet.
The labyrinth shines well beyond our doors…
We are called the lost and the working poor.

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