Thursday, June 2, 2011

Positive, Green Living

-- Conscious Eco-Events --

Just yesterday we were doing some shopping in town and saw a group of youth and a few adults with working gloves on cleaning up the side of the main street (the highway goes through the center of town) and even in some empty lots. It was wonderful to see them doing this - and we'd like to celebrate their action here today.

Yesterday was Clean Air Day here in Canada ...however it will be celebrated on June 8th in the US... and we are in the middle of Canadian Environment Week as well. This Sunday we'll be celebrating World Environment Day... and June is full of all kinds of other events - we'll try to mention as many of these as we can throughout the month here on the blog. 

This is a great time to reconsider products we are purchasing, plants that we install in our gardens, and perhaps we can look at eliminating the fragrances, chemicals and fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides we are using. Did you know that pesticides take a terrible toll on butterfly and caterpillar populations? Lets all take the opportunity to find ways of increasing the positive impact we are having on the planet.

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

Today's guest - Vicky DeRosa - lost her sight to a rare genetic disorder called Leber's Hereditary Neuropathy about six years ago. She lost her construction company as a result but never considered herself blind. Vicky refuses to feel sorry for herself and in March of 2009 started a wellness center aimed at the mind, body and soul. In addition she has launched a unique online program for proper diet and exercise. Vicky also has her own television show on Princeton Community Television

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