Monday, July 4, 2011

Business; Greening Transportation

 -- Quote of the Day --

So you find a niche that appeals to them (the students). Maybe it isn’t the immediate curriculum, but now they are reading and learning and listening.
 …I think the number one word is ‘motivation’, because no matter what level a person is at if they are motivated they will take it another level further. 
…People have to believe in themselves and some of these kids don’t believe – they think they can’t do it. 
…My philosophy is that if any child anywhere on the planet sits down to do a test with confidence they will score better than a child who doesn’t have that self-confidence. 
…Number one should be self-image – I think that is really important

~ Gail Small

Today's quote originated from the Joyful Volunteering interview that aired back on April 21st: 

-- Conscious Transportation --

Today's business transportation has a huge impact on fossil fuel consumption - yet many companies are making changes to help reduce this impact, and the costs the business faces because of their choice of transportation. Some companies are offering incentives to employees who use alternative transit to get to work. Others offer incentives from bus passes, bicycle gift certificates and bike loan programs, to incentives for those who are willing to move closer to the workplace. Several companies offer car pooling programs, while others are allowing work to be done in home offices. Businesses are learning that it is in their own best interest to reduce travel time for meetings, renting the space to hold the meeting and other residual costs - instead they are doing consults virtually, and choosing to do online, video or teleconferencing.

One business that I read of recently in Japan (Sekisui House LTD) decided to use rail instead of trucks to ship materials they make for steel frame houses. This switch to railway transportation is expected to reduce the company's carbon dioxide emissions by 162.64 tons.

What can our place of business do to help make a difference in fuel consumption? Well I've read about a mechanic shop that offers its clients bicycles on loan to use while their car is being serviced. It seems we read or hear of more and more examples of these kinds of actions ...One company offers car-share incentives, while another offers car shuttle services where employees are picked up in a multi-seat vehicle and driven to and from work.

What has your company or place of work done to make a difference? Do you have suggestions that companies or small businesses might consider? Share them here in the comment section and inspire others with your stories...

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