Sunday, July 17, 2011

Green Youth

-- Quote of the Day -- 

"Man, being the servant and interpreter of nature, can do and understand so much - and so much only as he has observed in fact or in thought of the course of nature.

~ Sir Francis Bacon

-- Green Youth --

What a cool life today’s kids must have with all the programs and information at their fingertips – we sure didn’t have fossil finding, days in nature or extra adventures – although Dave did, he remembers going on ski trips and going on an archeological trip once. You know, I was really jazzed up after reading about thea program going on with Brent Kennedy Elementary school where students and instructors from the local college met with more than 40 grade 2 & 3 students to learn about rocks and bones. How cool is that?!

In several local papers I've seen announcements about wild kid programs, wildlife programs, gardening programs... lots of extra curricular activities to get involved in this Summer - most of them are free or have very small entry fees. These nature related programs take youth out of the sterile and mundane public school mentality, where they are inspired by the life around them. Volunteer experiences await us this Summer, too, through wildlife centers, community gardens and more.

These early life experiences instill a respect and sense of awe for nature... so please do look for programs being put on in your area - or start your own through the church group or just in your group of friends and neighbors. 

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