Thursday, July 21, 2011

Peak Oil Energy Dilema & Green Resources

-- Conscious Discussions Talk Radio --

Today's guest on the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show is Chip Haynes - an artist, writer, cyclist, juggler and devoted husband. His non-fiction writing projects tend to focus on exploring bicycling, green living, and our future with less oil. Chip’s fiction allows him to explore novel, short story and stage play writing… and some songwriting mixed in there too. I’ve personally had the honor of reading his book – Peak of the Devil: 100 Q-and-A’s about Peak Oil... and we'll learn a little about this project as well.

The interview goes live at 10-11 AM Pacific and a live chat room will be available for live listeners. *Every episode is also archived indefinitely so you can access today's show later on at your convenience via the same link below:

-- Referral Corner --

One of the more recent discussions on the radio show with a featured guest offered a Volunteer related resource for our listeners to check out - she (Anne Jones) recommended that we do an Internet search on the organization's name to find the URL, which I did during one of the breaks. While I was able to list the URL in the chat room for our live listeners, I neglected to reserve the air time to share it during the live show.... so here it is now:

General Federation of Women Club (a volunteer organization):

Also, during one of the Positive Eco-News segments that aired recently I offered a few resources there for greening the business that I had not yet offered our readers on this blog... so they are:

Business Green: "News, comments and analysis for the low carbon economy"

Eco Style USA: "The green transportation solution for your business."


Green Transport: A UK-based organization that offers lots of low cost ways to reduce your CO2 footprint


Green Office: This Scotland-based Friends of the Earth sponsored site offers an online auditing service to help people green the office.

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