Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Care for You, First

-- Quote of the Day --

“…Whatever you are saying, add the words ’For Now’ at the end of any sentence. So: ‘This woman is making me crazy, for now’ - and this is a reminder that this is just a moment in time. …We talk about health and wholeness and peace on earth – but the best thing that we can do to create a healthy environment is to look at everyone as if they are just where they should be. …You must care for YOU first. …Starting a gratitude practice helps us realize that there has got to be something good, and shift our balance to the positive.  …The best thing you can do for YOU is to choose happy thoughts, to play, to list the good things about your day… The only way to care for anyone else is to care for YOU first.”

Today's quote originates from the July 14th episode of the Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show with – Erika Oliver – when our topic was: Simple Steps to Happiness.

*Click on the show title to access the full interview
-- Conscious Living Event -- 

Today, August 23 - thru to Aug 25th, people can check out the Waste Con Events happening in Nashville, Tennessee (USA). Exhibits, lectures... all kinds of stuff to check out!

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