Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Chatter

 -- Chatter --

I want to thank everyone for their patience while I took a few extra days off this month as "sick days". I caught something and it took a few days to get rid of it. I was back in the office on Saturday (today) dealing with a huge volume of messages, getting some guests booked on the radio show, and confirming appointments with the media. I finally have a few moments to visit the blog and offer my apologies for my absence.

The end of August is always a busy time of year as harvests come in from the garden in the form of canteloupe, tomatoes, chard, beets and so on. The earlier potatoes look like they are ready for harvesting and I've already harvested, dried and processed our garlic harvest from late July. It's time to plant the new garlic for next year's crop, mow the lawn (again) and harvest some more Seabuckthorne berries (the best crop ever!) as time allows. Yeah, it'll be another busy week, but worth it all the same. And with our house on the market, well - let's just say there isn't much time to spare in our lives right now... which is a good challenge for me to hone those organization and multitasking skills.

We have three fantastic radio episodes set up for you this week and a couple blog guests lined up as well.  You should see the line-up we have for October and September this year! I think you'll really enjoy what we've set up for our blog readers and radio listeners... and the next issue of the Brummet's Muse Newsletter goes out on August 30th, offering some details on what we have lined up for you. 

In the meantime - here's a quote that I thought you might enjoy:

-- Quote of the Day --

“…You can reach more people with the power of the pen. When I write I feel like I am releasing myself to my purpose. I detest deadlines; however I love writing and it enables me to have a passport to the world. Anything I want to know I can call a person up and say ‘I can see that you are an expert in – such and such – a field’ – and then I can interview them and they transfer their knowledge to me. 
…Often times people think that writing is just sitting at a desk and the writing comes pouring out of you, but if you really strive for excellence and …to reach a lot of people - you have to learn the craft, learn good word choice, have a good mentor, and attend writing conferences, which can really be eye-openers.”   

Anne Jones

Today's quote originates from the July 19th Conscious Discussions Talk Radio show episode titled: Volunteering - Writing & Youth

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